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Next Generation Leaders Fellowship

Helps emerging leaders tackle key issues and create trail-blazing opportunities.

AHA Innovation Challenge

Seeks creative thinkers, catalyzes ideas and explores new ways to achieve quality care.

Innovation 90

Helps forward-thinkers overcome obstacles by turning innovative ideas into reality.

Civica Rx

Addresses generic drug shortages and high prices.

The Value Initiative

Leads the health care field in addressing affordability and value with actionable tools.

Issue Briefs

Frames the issue of affordability and explores the value equation.

Members in Action Series

Use case studies to show how hospitals and health systems are achieving value.

Market Insights

Explains where health care is heading and how to respond through insights and tools.

Market Scan

Get insights and analysis on the field’s latest developments in health care disruption, transformation and innovation.

Cybersecurity and Risk Advisory Services

Provides expert resources to protect vital digital information from malicious attacks.

Population Health Fundamentals

Offers what you need to define, understand and advance population health.

AHA Population Health Survey

A national survey of hospitals and health systems to assess the state of population health efforts.

Community Health & Well-being

Helps hospitals partner with communities groups to address community health needs.

Social Determinants of Health

Addresses social factors that affect people’s health and quality-of-life.


Provides AHA members tools and resources to assess their communities health needs.

The Partnership for Public Health

Forges hospital and public health agency partnerships for a better health care.

The Hospital Community Cooperative (HCC)

Accelerates data-driven strategies that address health-related social needs.

Population Health Management

Supports clinical health outcomes through care coordination and patient engagement.

Performance improvement in safety-net hospitals

Offers insights on the challenges and opportunities for PI in safety-net hospitals.

Age-Friendly Health Systems

Focuses on addressing the unique care needs of older patients.

Stem the Tide: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Guides hospitals and health systems through the opioid crisis.

Palliative Care

Shines a national spotlight on palliative care through insights, methods and training.

AHA Community Health Improvement

Advances healthy communities through collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

STRIVE Infection Control Initiative

Leads infection control practices and strengthens stakeholder relationships.

AHA Team Training

Offers everything hospitals need to improve communication and teamwork.

AHA Data

Collects, analyzes and shares critical data from our nation’s hospitals.

Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

Convenes health care leaders to ideate and collaborate to advance rural health care.

Leadership Summit

Promotes a new way of thinking about the future of health care.

Executive Forums

View info about the various Executive Forums.

AHA Virtual Executive Dialogues

Network with your peers and share your insights in one or more highly interactive one-hour Virtual Executive Dialogues.

AHA Digital Pulse

Assesses digital capabilities to prioritize a hospital’s investments and strategies.

AHA Coding Clinic

Serves as the U.S. clearinghouse for issues related to the use of ICD-9-CM.

AHA Online Store

Gives you a one-stop-shop for digital resources to address your health care needs.

AHA Resource Center

Gives you access to timely, high-quality health services information--quickly and easily.

Dynamic Ventilator Reserve (DVR)

Gathers and shares ventilator fleets with hospitals experiencing shortages.

AHA Annual Survey Database

Represents the most credible and comprehensive data available in health care.

AHA DataQuery

Builds reports and offers insights from the nation’s most trusted hospital data system.

AHA Hospital Statistics

Delivers fast facts on America’s hospitals and health systems.

AHA MetricVu

Uses data visualization and benchmarking to help sustain performance improvement.

AHA Associate Program

Offers businesses the opportunity to engage with the work of the AHA.

AHA-AVIA Strategic Alliance

Helps hospitals and health systems accelerate digital transformation.

AHA Innovation Fund

Spurs health care innovation through a $50 million venture capital fund.


The latest updates, tools and resources related to COVID-19.

AI in Health Care

Explains the role AI plays in care delivery and how it is transforming health care.

AHA MarketCapture

Identify opportunities to maximize in-network referrals and identify the pain points driving leakage to help you boost revenue.

Living Learning Network (LLN)

Offers peer-to-peer discussions on relief, recovery and rebuilding health care.

Project Firstline

A national infection control training collaborative with the CDC.

Marketing Solutions Guide

The complete guide to AHA Marketing Solutions Partnerships.

iProtean: Virtual Board Education

Video learning platform designed exclusively for hospital leadership.

Take Five

Take five minutes out of your busy schedule to hear from health care’s leading visionaries and change agents.

AHA Transformation Talks

This thought leadership video series helps members determine which direction the field is heading and how to prepare.

#HealthCareInnovation Thursday Blog

Add this weekly blog to your must-read list to follow unique perspectives on all things related to health care innovation.

Community Investment for Health

Shares strategies and resources for investing in community health.

Advancing Care Conference

A unique health care conference focused on innovative problem-solving.

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